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Data Sharing

Sharing your NHS Patient Data

Information sharing in the NHS is subject to rigorous regulation and governance to ensure your full identifiable and personal medical data is kept confidential and only ever seen by carefully vetted doctors, nurses and administrative staff responsible for overseeing your care.

With the development of information technology the NHS will increasingly be sharing key information from your GP medical notes with Out of hours GP Services, Hospital A&E Units, looking after you.  Sharing information can improve both the quality and safety of care you received and in some cases can be vital in making life-saving decisions about your treatment.  There are currently three different elements of “sharing NHS patient information”

SCR= The NHS Summary Care Record

EDSM= The Enhance Data Sharing Model “SystmOne”

We ask you please to read the information carefully.


The NHS Summary Care Record was introduced many years ago to help deliver better and safer care; it contains basic information about:

Any allergies you may have

Unexpected reaction to medication

Any prescriptions you have recently received

The intention of the SCR is to help clinicians in Hospital A&E Department and GP ‘Out of Hours health services to give you safe, timely and effective treatment.  Clinicians are only allowed to access your SCR record if they are authorised to do so and, even then, only if you give your express permission.  You will be asked if healthcare staff can look at your Summary Care Record every time they need to, unless it is an emergency, for instance if you are unconscious.  You can refuse if you think access is unnecessary.

Over time, health professionals treating you may add details about any health problems and summaries of your care.  Every time further information is added to your record, you will be asked if you agreed (explicit consent).

Patients under 16 years have an NHS Summary Care Record created for them so if you are the parent or guardian of a child then please either make this information available to them or decided and act on their behalf.




The database and software used to store your GP health record is called “SystmOne” it is a very secure national system used by over 2000 GP practices and 4800 NHS organisation including GP out of hour’s services, children’s services, community services and some hospitals.  All the GP system gives your GP the facility to share your records with other NHS health care providers that use the same clinical computer system and are involved in your care for example the local Community Nurses who may look after you if you when you leave hospital or become terminally ill or housebound.  Allowing your GP to share your record in the “SystmOne” sharing unless they expressly decline.  Those patients who choose to decline are able to determine if their data is “shared out” and/or “shared in”

Sharing OUT controls whether information recorded at our GP practice can be shared with other NHS health care providers.

Sharing IN determines whether or not our GP practice can view information in your record that has been entered by other NHS service who are providing care for you or who may provide care for you in the future (that you have consented to share out).

For Buckland Surgery to hold your ‘up to date’ Data Sharing information please collect the Sharing Date leaflet , complete it and return it to Buckland Surgery.


Date published: 23rd May, 2018
Date last updated: 18th June, 2018