Buckland Patient Support Group (BuSS)


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Our surgery support group was formed on 23rd August 2017 to promote the health and wellbeing of our patients by addressing their non-medical needs alongside the Buckland Surgery staff. This could be from helping someone to find an activity where they can meet other people to combat loneliness or depression or getting someone more active in a gentle way, as with our Slow Exercise groups, or to getting them advice about practical things.

We work very closely with the Kingscare Charity and all their groups are open to our patients. (See the list of activities here on our section of the surgery website)

Our Tai Chi Group (gentle exercise) has now been running for two years. It takes place at the Buckland Community Centre every Tuesday 2.30-3.30 with tea and a chance to chat afterwards. Come and have a go any Tuesday (closed for holiday on 10th and 17th July 2018) or ring Rosemary (see below) who can tell you all about it.

Because of changes last year to the bus service on the Buckland Estate, and the stopping of Hospital Transport, quite a few of our patients are having problems getting to the surgery or other medical appointments. We are therefore setting up a Volunteer Transport Service where volunteers drivers are trained, paid and supported, initially by helped by Kingscare, which has a lot of experience in this area.

If you could spare a few hours to help, either driving or accompanying someone to the appointment, please come and help our small band of volunteers.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Volunteer Driver or ways that you can help other patients or join the group, please contact Anika, Practice Manager or leave a message at the surgery for our Chair, Rosemary Whitbread, who will ring you back.

We are a friendly group and would really welcome your help in whatever way you can offer. Volunteering directly helps other people but we have all found that it helps us as well as we work alongside each other, making a difference and having fun! (Just check out the Tai Chi group which is often accompanied by laughter!)

We now have our own notice boards at the surgery where you can find information about local groups which you might like to join. If you feel uncomfortable about going on your own, contact Rosemary who can will arrange for someone to go with you.

 If you feel we can help you in any way, do leave a message for Rosemary at the surgery and she will get back to you.