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Covid-19 and Diabetes

Dear Patient

Due to the unprecedented COVID19 pandemic we will not be calling you in to the surgery for your regular diabetes blood tests (Hba1c). This is for your own safety and that of society as a whole. As a diabetic you have an increased risk of complications of COVID19 if you do contract it. Therefore we urge you to make changes to your lifestyle to protect yourself at these times. You should keep active as much as possible within the confines of government restrictions. You should seriously consider making changes to your diet i.e. cutting out refined sugar and sugary food such as cakes, biscuits, sugary drinks, too much fruit (oranges, grapes, bananas, apples, pineapple etc). By improving your diabetes control by these lifestyle measures you will be doing what you can do protect your health during this pandemic and also in the future. We urge you to give this serious consideration

Diabetes UK website has some really useful dietary advice:

When it is safe to do so we will restart your monitoring blood tests

Yours Sincerely

The Doctors and nurses at Buckland Surgery​

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Factsheet cv-19 and diabetes dpc