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Buckland Surgery – Appointments Statement

Following the recent outbreak of COVID-19, alongside recent statements in parliament we are taking steps to minimise the risk of exposure to Coronavirus to protect both our patients and staff.

In an effort to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus and other respiratory disease, over the coming weeks we are reducing our routine “face to face” work, such as Health Checks, Reviews and Routine Appointments with GPs.

As a result of this, we have moved, temporarily, to a telephone consultation system for all GP appointments.

You will still be able to book appointments ahead of time, however you would be asked not to present at the surgery unless advised to do so by a clinician. You will be phoned by the clinician for your consultation.

If the GP or Nurse does need to physically see you, they will still ask you to present at the surgery. In such cases, risks for both the patient and our staff will have been assessed.

In doing this, we reduce footfall through the surgery thereby minimising the risk of any transmission to staff and patients alike.

You will be contacted personally if you are affected by these measures.

Further to this we would also welcome the use of our Web Based service, eConsult. eConsult allows patients to self-check their symptoms and, if appropriate your consultation will be sent to your GP within the practice who can act on this the same day. The system is fully NHS accredited. www.bucklandsurgery.co.uk

We appreciate that these measures could be alarming to patients. To that end we would like to assure patients that we are doing all we can to ensure choice for patients whilst concentrating our efforts on those who need urgent care, during a time of increased demand on our services.

With thanks…
…The staff and Doctors of Buckland Surgery